Global Business Awards Luncheon

special-olympicsWilliam D. (Bill) Rutherford was honored at the Global Business Awards luncheon sponsored by Special Olympics Oregon.  In a ceremony June 7, 2017, Rutherford was thanked for his service to the State of Oregon and its citizens. Rutherford, founder and owner of Rutherford Investment Management in Portland, Oregon, was recognized for his distinguished career in investment management, public service, and philanthropy.

Rutherford, a graduate of the University of Oregon and Harvard Law School, served four terms in the Oregon legislature, as Treasurer of the State of Oregon, Chairman of the Oregon Investment Council and on the Oregon State Land Board. When he left the treasurer’s office, the Oregon’s Public Employee Retirement System was billions over funded. His career started at age seven in McMinnville, when his family lived in the stockroom of their retail store, and led to managing international investment firms in New York City, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Frankfurt, where he was Director of twenty-two international corporations. His Portland based investment firm, which serves individuals, retirement plans and foundations, has been recognized for its investment performance for over twenty years.

Rutherford’s philanthropy has established the Middle East Studies minor at the University of Oregon, an endowment for Cascade Head on the Oregon coast, and end of life care programs at Providence Hospital and Stanford University Medical Center. He has participated in the renovation of the University of Oregon ERB Memorial Union, the completion of the Hatfield Dowling Center and is providing support to the music program in the McMinnville School District.

Additionally, he is a member of the Oregon Community Foundation Investment Committee, a Trustee of the Palm Springs Air Museum, and a founder of the Architectural and […]