Oregon Business Magazine Spotlights Rutherford Investments

See Our Story in OBMHere is an excerpt of the story written by Oregon Business Magazine.

Embracing client education & operational discipline for long-term growth.

Near the end of 2018, the financial markets fell hard, dropping nearly 20% in a month. Investment managers across the country scrambled to calm clients ready to run for the hills. But at Rutherford Investment Management, it was relatively quiet.

Why did such market turmoil result in just one client phone call and one email instead of mass hysteria? The answer lies in the proven wealth management approach the firm has employed for 25 years, starting with client education.

“If there’s an event that occurs, and I’ve done my job, clients don’t panic,” explains William Rutherford, founder and President of Rutherford Investment Management. “I’ve never thought of myself as a teacher, but I guess that I am.”

Though time consuming, client education is central to a firm that revolves around the long term – a theme visible in its stock selection process, client relationships, established team, not-for-profit work and, perhaps most clearly, in its mission: “Investment management for the long-term investor.”

As with most accomplished teachers, Rutherford is first and foremost a student. In second grade, his teacher gave him the key to the school library and an open invitation to explore, which he seized every opportunity to do and still does.