Quarterly Client Newsletters

3rd Quarter 2013

Client Newsletter -– Quarter Ending September 30, 2013 The third quarter of  2013 saw a continuation of the robust market that this year has brought. In spite of worries, mostly over government problems, unemployment, and fears over Federal Reserve policy, the markets have risen to record or near record territory. Both the S&P and the […]

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2nd Quarter 2013

History shows that investors lose far more money as a result of their own actions than markets lose for them. As markets reach new all-time highs, investors who “stayed the course” have benefited from the long running bull market. Since 2009, when the broad market S&P index hit its low of 667, we have seen […]

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1st Quarter 2013

As I reported to you last week, effective April 14, 2013, I  repurchased my firm from Nevada Trust/Meadows Corp, who bought the firm last year.  I did this because it was the right thing to do for our clients.  Jim and I are very happy to have the firm back.  We will continue to run […]

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