The Goldilocks economy was the longest economic expansion in post war history - not too hot... not too cold... just right! Then, seemingly without reason it came to a crashing halt. Two and a half million working Americans lost their jobs, seven and one-half trillion in savings was destroyed. Businesses closed, hospitals closed. Many people found themselves forced to work beyond retirement. Real incomes declined for years. The lives of Americans were changed forever... Now in its second printing, this compelling book names people and events, to show who shot Goldilocks, and it wasn't the Butler or Colonel Mustard!

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“A model of clarity and fun to read!”
— Philip Friedman, New York Times bestselling author of Reasonable Doubt

“This book illuminates numerous instances of misguided policy and suggests needed structural changes for improving the Fed’s role. A worthwhile read for anyone concerned with the global economy.”
— Scott Dawson, Dean, School of Business, Portland State University

“This fascinating account of the Federal Reserve and its current Chairman should be required reading for everyone concerned about the state of our economy.”
—L.J. Rittenhouse, author of Do Business with People You Can Tru$t

“An insightful book that should appeal to anyone who takes investing or retirement seriously.”
— Stefan Stosik, Fund Manager, Haverton Investments, Hong Kong

“This book should be required reading for the Federal Reserve Board, the Secretary of the Treasury, and any thoughtful citizen who wonders what the Fed really does, and how it relates to the citizens, workers and share-holders of the country.”
— Gordon Baty, Ph.D., MIT, partner, Zero Stage Capital

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William D. Rutherford, author of Who Shot Goldilocks?: How Alan Greenspan did in our jobs, savings and retirement plans, is available to speak to your organization. Check out our Speaking Engagements page for more information.